A COLCHESTER lifeguard has revealed what it is like to film episodes of hit BBC show Pointless.

Armand Vigors, who works at Leisure World, and his dad Tony appeared in episodes which aired last week.

The two decided to apply following Tony’s earlier crack at Tipping Point where he won £3,000.

After initially signing up, a few months passed before they heard anything back.

They participated in various stages of the recruitment process including a mock Pointless round over Zoom.

While the pair’s episodes have only just been on TV, filming actually took place near the end of last year.

Armand said: “We went down the night before and stayed in a hotel. They paid for our transport and did really well in accommodating us.

“We went down [to the studio] really early and got our own room.

“They gave us three ironed outfits. I brought something I wasn’t allowed to wear, so they gave me a replacement shirt.

“You walk through and there’s the set. They sit you down and give you a name badge.

“When you’re ready, you stand on your podium. Alexander Armstrong was really nice, he put everyone at ease.”

Armand and Tony filmed all three of their episodes in one day.

In the first show, the pair faced a film round and were eliminated in round one after getting the highest score.

They returned for a second attempt later in the day and reached round two.

In the initial round, they faced a question about ingredients used to make lasagne.

For the next stage, they had to name three letter words that started and ended with a vowel.

Unfortunately, Armand said “ion” which scored the maximum 100 points while Tony managed to get five with “ode.”

They were thus eliminated with the highest score.

Meanwhile, their third attempt was also short and sweet with a first round elimination.

Months later, the pair got an email informing them their episodes would soon air.

Armand said: “We were waiting six or seven months – it was filmed in September.

“They messaged and said it’s on."

You can catch up on Armand and Tony's episodes on BBC iPlayer.