A RESIDENT has hit out at council bosses for failing to maintain a village green.

The green is located between Brighton Road and Hereford Road in Holland-on-Sea.

Bob Pullin moved to the area in 2015 with his late wife, who died ten months after they arrived.

Although the green was tended to fortnightly at the time by Tendring Council, this is no longer the case, according to Bob.

He said the green’s grass has not been cut since October 2022.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Concerned - The grass has reportedly not been cut since October 2022Concerned - The grass has reportedly not been cut since October 2022 (Image: Bob Pullin)

Bob said: “Since lately, it’s like a bypass. It’s embarrassing to people.

“People let their dogs do a number two, turn a blind eye and not pick it up.

“If the dog gets seeds up their nose or in paws, it’s a vet operation.

“People took dogs to the vets where they had to get a seedling out of the nose from going in the long grass.

“You can’t take people there now – they feel embarrassed.

“All the trees have overgrown, if only they trimmed them a bit and made them a bit more respectful and the fruit trees have all died off.

“There is no care at all."

Bob has also expressed concerns for children’s safety in the long grass.

He said: “If a child falls in that long grass on dog poo, that’s instant blindness – permanent.

“It is not something you can wash out of your eye. Something needs to be done about it.

“You always get the odd person thinking out of sight, out of mind but it’s dangerous, for especially a child.”

He had previously contacted councillors to discuss the matter further, but has not heard back as of yet.

Bob said: “When people don’t get a response back, it’s bad really.

“People said to me why don’t the council get a private contractor there and the council could pay them.

“Their bonus would go up the wall.

“It needs tidying up, we live in hope.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Counter - Councillor Adrian Smith refuted claims that the green had been neglectedCounter - Councillor Adrian Smith refuted claims that the green had been neglected (Image: Adrian Smith)

A spokesman for Tendring Council reported the grass is maintained to a fixed schedule and had been cut at least three times since October 2022.

They said extra efforts will be made to cut the grass in preparation for a fete taking place this month.

They added: “TDC staff work very hard to maintain our open spaces, with Tendring’s four Green Flag Awards showcasing their excellent work.

“No matter the length of grass, dog fouling is unacceptable.

"Where we have the evidence to do so, fixed penalty notices are issued against pet owners, though we look to engage with them first.

“We provide many bins for owners to dispose of dog mess, and if there is no bin or the bin is full, they should take the waste home with them."