If you're looking for Mae Muller Saturday night, you'll find her backstage at Eurovision, sipping herbal tea out of a Harry Styles mug.

Muller, the UK Eurovision representative, opened up to the BBC ahead of Saturday's Grand Final about her journey so far, what we can expect this coming weekend and her quirky pre-show ritual that involves Harry Styles. 

She will take to the stage Saturday night, May 13, to perform 'I Wrote a Song' in the Grand Final of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. 

Muller said: "You can expect some sass! It’s going to be fun and a big party."

The vibe she will bring to the stage Saturday stems back to her first memory of Eurovision in 2007. 

Muller recalled: "I think my earliest memory was probably Scooch in 2007.

"I just loved how fun and how camp it was, I just had fun while watching and I think that's what Eurovision is about."

But before she hits the stage, she will go through her pre-show routine, which involves tea, honey and Harry Styles. 

Telling the BBC about her ritual Muller said: "I always have to have a tea, any kind of herbal tea with a lot of honey in it, and I have it out of my Harry Styles mug which just gives me the good vibes.

"I know if Harry's with me then I know it's going be ok."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Mae Muller will perform 'I Wrote a Song' at Eurovision 2023.Mae Muller will perform 'I Wrote a Song' at Eurovision 2023. (Image: PA)

The 'I Wrote a Song' artist said it was a "huge honour" to be able to represent her country in this year's Eurovision Song Contest and it was "extra, extra special" the fact the UK is hosting the 2023 event.

Liverpool is also familiar to Muller who supported Little Mix on tour previously, where they did three shows at the arena.

Muller is going to have her work cut out for her this year, with some "crazy talent" from across Europe entering the competition. 

She said: "I have had a listen and it’s been great really getting into the songs from this year, after getting to know the other contestants.

"They're all such talented people and so lovely and it feels like a special year, because the level of talent is crazy and I'm looking forward to seeing them all smash it on the 13th May."

Eurovision 2023 kicks off on Tuesday, May 9 with the first semi-final.

The semi-final will be on BBC One from 8pm.