ANIMAL experts were called in to monitor a seal which appeared on the shore of a beach.

Two volunteers from Marine Life Rescue travelled to Holland-on-Sea to check on the seal’s safety.

After their arrival, however, the seal “shot off” back into the water, away from its would-be rescuers.

A spokesperson for Marine Life Rescue said they hoped the seal’s alertness was a sign of good health.

Although the seal fled, a spokeswoman added they would be sending volunteers back today to ensure its safety and well-being.

This is not the first time that a seal found its way onto the beaches in Holland-On-Sea.

In August 2022, a seal suffering with mouth rot was found stranded on a beach in the same area.

South Essex Wildlife Rescue Centre took in the seal to provide food and antibiotics to recuperate before beginning its journey back into the wild.

RSPCA guidance states people should not approach seals if they see them.

Their website states: “If you’re worried about a seal, then the best way to help is to watch it from a distance.

“Never try to approach them, touch them or move them back into the sea as this can be dangerous for the seal and make it harder for the experts to rescue them safely.”