A NEW book covering the ins and outs of beach hut culture is set to be published following 60 interviews with hut owners.

Beach Hut People will be published by Nancy Stevenson and includes passages on huts in Frinton and Walton.

Nancy’s book covers stories she collected between 2019 and 2022 of memories people have shared.

Travis Elborough, fellow author, described what the book entails.

He said: “It is a charming snapshot of a slice of the British seaside, the humble beach hut, their occupants, and a tiny corner of Essex serving here as a brilliant microcosm for a larger story about our island nation's idiosyncrasies.”

Nancy began her journey unconvinced as she loved the beach but was always on the move.

Although she is a keen walker and swimmer, she could not see the attraction of settling down in a hut before gaining an understanding whilst gathering stories.

People shared memories about the best days, olden days, childhood, family and the feelings evoked by a day in the hut.

Ken Warpole, author, added; “Nancy Stevenson has stepped behind the familiar candy-coloured, bucket-and-spade world of the seaside beach hut to discover a much more profound relationship chalet-users have with the wide skies and careless pleasures of the seashore.”

The book will be released on Saturday, April 29, to pre-order visit bit.ly/3GeBiqy.