RESIDENTS have been left concerned over "dangerous" muddy pavements that are forcing children to walk into busy roads on their way to school.

Ray Enever, 84, is leading the charge in demanding action to clean up the pavements between Kirby and Walton.

Mr Enever said mud has built up on pavements in the Turpin Lane area, which are too narrow to negotiate without stepping into the busy road.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Hazard - The dug up mud has dried and accumulated over time.Hazard - The dug up mud has dried and accumulated over time. (Image: Ray Enever)

He said he was outraged by the lack of maintenance on the road.

"No-one is doing anything about it," said Mr Enever, who has returned as chairman of Kirby Residents' Association.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable and more importantly unsafe for the children and parents that use this path.”

The path is used by children daily as they head to and from school.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Concerning - Mud on pavements is causing obstructions leading pedestrians into the road.Concerning - Mud on pavements is causing obstructions leading pedestrians into the road. (Image: Ray Enever)

Its condition means that pedestrians often have to step into the road to avoid tripping or getting covered in mud.

Ray added: “If you try passing someone coming the other way, you’ll have to step into the road, this is especially dangerous for someone with a pram or a child in hand.

“The pavement just isn’t wide enough to accommodate that type of obstruction, if you’re walking around the mud and a lorry is approaching the wing mirrors can hit you.”

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Ray would like the pavements to be swept up and smoothed over so they can be used properly again.

He adds that the build-up of mud on verges has created a slope that tilts pedestrians towards traffic as well.

Ray said: “I’m glad to be back and bring a voice to talk to councils but I would like to retire and have someone else take over, I understand it's not easy.

“From the mud to potholes and traffic lights there are just so many issues that need to be resolved.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council said: "We have investigated this and there doesn’t seem to be any actual pavement defects reported in this area and the issue seems to be mud on the pavements.

"This would be the responsibility of the street cleaning teams at Tendring District Council."

A Tendring District Council spokesman said streets in the district were swept according to a schedule.

He added: “The specific issue here has been raised with our contractors for action within the next week.”

"Faults with pavements should be reported to Essex Highways."