A POPULAR magician who has been a main attraction at Blackpool's iconic tower for the past three years is heading for Clacton.

Michael Jordan, 31, works under the stage name High Jinx and is renowned in the industry for the natural way he engages with audiences.

The award-winning magician is a specialist in illusions and circus skills and will perform in Clacton’s West Cliff Theatre for a matinee.

Michael said: “I can’t wait to get on the stage at Clacton and promise to give you a performance to remember.

“There are two kinds of magicians – those who want to fool the audience and those who want to entertain.

“I’m certainly one that’s keen to entertain. It’s not all about the trick or illusion in itself, more how it’s presented that really counts and that’s what makes people love these kinds of shows.”

Michael’s dyslexia led him to learn circus tricks.

At school he used a wobble board - balancing on a board on a large semi-circular ball – which is supposed to help dyslexia by strengthening muscles and posture to enhance eye muscle co-ordination and make reading easier.

Michael realised he was a natural at this fine art of balancing and that ultimately led into self-teaching himself circus tricks such as juggling and unicycling.

His plate-spinning skills saw him teach legendary American magicians Penn and Teller.

Michael got his first big break when he appeared on a TV show hosted by the world-famous duo.

He had to do an illusion that saw him sawing a girl into five and they had to work out how it was done.

Michael added: “I don’t like to do things by halves which is why she ended up in five bits.

“It got me known though and gave me the break I needed to really get started with my career.”

He has toured the world with the famous French Le Festival International de Magie, a travelling magic show.

Michael is now on his biggest-ever tour of theatres this year and has to adapt the show to each venue.

He will perform in West Cliff Theatre on Sunday, April 2, at 2.30pm.

For tickets visit bit.ly/3ncRjH1.