DILIGENT residents teamed up to clear SEVEN tonnes of fly-tipped waste from their village’s beloved beach.

Members of the Jaywick Sands Community Forum cleared up the beach which was covered in rubbish, including furniture and household waste.

Residents have voiced their concerns over flytipping problems in Jaywick, which led the forum to collaborate with Tendring Council to sort out the mess.

Bradley Thompson, chairman of Jaywick Sands Community Forum, said: “We approached Dan Casey and Ian Taylor at Tendring Council who agreed to arrange a collection if we put all the rubbish in one place.

“I think it’s a small minority of the same people doing this in the village constantly, it’s so easy to dump rubbish and a lot less time-consuming than taking it to a tip.

“Loads of people come in the summer because we have one of the best beaches in Tendring but to keep it that way we have to make sure it’s clean and welcoming.”

Bradley has been in meetings to discuss ways of reducing fly-tipping in the area and has come up with some suggestions.

He added: “When I was at meetings discussing the fires in Jaywick someone brought up putting up some notices in the area to promote a set of action days.

“We’d arrange for a few skips to be brought down where we can remove large amounts of rubbish more regularly.

“It won’t be done all the time but it’s just a thought.”

Dan Casey, Tendring councillor for West Clacton and Jaywick Sands, arranged for the rubbish to be cleared.

He added: “I spoke to Ian Taylor, who’s responsible for parking and seafronts, at the council and everything was removed within three days.

“If people make a request nine times out of ten it gets sorted to the best of my ability so it’s always pleasing when something positive gets done.

“Hopefully if anyone knows who is doing the flytipping they can come forward with names because that’s the best way to prevent it.

“If someone gets caught once and is penalised it could deter others from doing it.”