A TALENTED Brazilian artist with more than 25 years of experience has launched an art mural project to promote Jaywick's great features.

Ieda Lima-Boswell moved to Jaywick two years ago, having hosted exhibitions in New York and Paris in her role as a textile designer.

She moved to the village to settle down as her husband recovered from chemotherapy.

During her time in Jaywick she began painting for personal enjoyment.

Ieda said: “We didn’t heavily research the area before finding a nice seafront bungalow, so we didn’t know about its reputation.

“The neighbours were so helpful and friendly. We immediately felt welcomed to the area.”

Ieda and her husband renovated the bungalow to include new features such as a cherry garden, which attracted compliments from passers-by.

She started painting things around Jaywick including the seafront, a ferry leaving the nearby waters and the village's historic Martello tower.

Ieda spotted a wall behind a seafront bungalow that was bland-looking but its neighbouring garden had a courtyard with wonderful plants.

She decided to make a painting of the courtyard and placed it on the wall, which also garnered rave reviews.

This courtyard painting became the first mural of the project.

Ieda added: “The mural is in the corner of Brooklands and Essex Avenue and I wanted it to depict the beauty of Jaywick Sands through my eyes.

“Once I got permission, I started painting and it soon became a place where people would come with a cup of tea to watch me work.

“Someone posted it on social media and more people came to see it everyday.”

This gave Ieada the idea of an art project, The Jaywick Art Trail, which will have different artists across several approaches paint five murals showing off Jaywick.

The second mural will be created on Saturday, February 18, at the Jaywick Sands Original Beach Bar in Badminton Road.

Artists, residents and children from Inclusion Ventures will be taking part in the event which begins at 10am.

For more information visit bit.ly/3lAsLH3.