FIGURES from a new study have revealed Tendring residents are amongst those who work from home the least in the East of England.

The data from Reboot Online sought to find out which areas in the region have the highest percentage of people working from home and conversely, which areas have the highest mobile workforce.

Tendring was ranked fourth with 22.86 per cent of its residents working from home and 77.14 per cent commuting.

A spokesman for the study said: β€œIn Tendring, there are 12 remote jobs available within a five mile radius, showing potential for workers to become remote in this region.”

Reboot Online conducted the following research to highlight the increase in remote working arrangements in the past decade using national census statistics provided by the Office for National Statistics.

Other Essex areas in the study included Harlow with 20.94 per cent of people working from home and 79.06 per cent of residents commuting for work.

Harlow has seen an increase of 18.16 per cent of people who work from home between 2011 and 2021 and there are currently 27 remote jobs available within a five mile radius.