A SCHOOL has gone all out to celebrate another positive Ofsted rating following an inspection.

Engaines Primary School, in Little Clacton, welcomed Ofsted inspectors in December and have now received the results of the inspection.

Staff and pupils alike expressed their delight after the school maintained its 'good' rating.

Chris Joy, headteacher at the school, said: “I am delighted with the outcome of the recent Ofsted inspection, which recognised the rapid improvements we have put in place recently.

“Staff, parents and governors but more importantly the children deserve the praise from inspectors.

“In my short time as headteacher, I have been very impressed by the community around our children and look to continue to improve standards at Engaines for the future. The sky is the limit.”

The report highlighted pupils’ eagerness about their learning as well as the value they put on help received from teachers.

It said: “Pupils are motivated to achieve the high expectations adults have of them. Pupils love their school.

“They say that the best thing is the people and how kind they are. Pupils behave well in lessons and during breaktime and lunchtimes.

"They treat each other with respect.

“Pupils look after each other and include each other in their games.”

To celebrate the accomplishment, school staff, pupils and parents gathered to spell the word good on the school field.

Mr Joy added: “I couldn't be prouder of the efforts at Engaines and look to build upon the promising work recognised by the inspectors as we develop our school curriculum and assessment further in the future.

“The report reflects the staff efforts to ensure our children have the best educational experience we can provide.

“Children get one chance every school year to Believe, Achieve and Succeed, and every moment counts even more following the pandemic years.”

To read the full report, visit bit.ly/3lp0SSo.