VOLUNTEER groups have been invited to reach out to care homes in a bid to create more understanding between home residents and the community.

Rahul Jagota runs Corner Lodge Care Home in Jaywick and Corner House care home in Clacton.

Mr Jagota said he desires to reconnect the wider Clacton and Jaywick community with residents at his care homes.

He said: “One of our main goals now is to make sure our residents feel integrated and a part of the community.

“We hope in the post-pandemic landscape to welcome the public to our homes and create a greater understanding.

“Our residents are just people like everyone else and hopefully by collaborating with community groups and recruiting more volunteers we can dispel any misconceptions about the elderly and vulnerable.”

Mr Jagota says care homes have limited resources which restrict them from going out with their residents and meeting different groups.

Various checks and balances including gathering staff members, organising mini buses and carrying out risk assessments mean it would be easier for groups to come to homes with activities and events.

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Corner Lodge and Corner House care homes have utilised the Friends and Neighbours (FaNs) network to stay connected with other residents.

The network is run by the My Home Life Essex charity and allows community groups and volunteers to reach care homes and isolated elderly residents through social media and its website.

The care homes also use different methods when finding the best ways to keep their residents engaged and having fun such as researching life histories to see what people like to do and setting up programmes based on findings.

Mr Jagota added: “There are always opportunities for people to volunteer and they can choose what they want to do and what they feel comfortable doing.

“It could be friending, entertainment, general interactions or even helping with office work.”

Corner Lodge and Corner House care homes regularly run themed events for residents such as sports days and creating a pub-like atmosphere during the world cup.

For more information on the homes and to get involved email info@cornerlodgeclacton.co.uk and admin@cornerhousecare.co.uk or call 01255 220 258 and 01255 432415.