A DARTS shop hit the bullseye as it celebrated its 25th anniversary with residents and special guests in attendance.

DB Darts in Clacton hosted the event at its new venue in Old Road, Clacton.

The shop moved to its new location after the closure of Clacton Covered Market in August.

Darts legend Bobby George was in attendance to take pose  with fans.

Terry Sweeney, owner of DB Darts spoke about the event and his tenure at the shop.

He said: “The ‘DB’ stands for Dave Barns who was a good local darts player, he was originally a west London lad like myself and opened the shop in 1998 when he moved out here.

“Sadly after ten years Dave contracted a cancerous brain tumour and died We knew each other very well and with my background in darts before his death he suggested I should get involved with the shop.

“Retail was not my background as I was a heating engineer but I agreed to give it a go for an initial six months to a year.

“Fifteen years later here I am, I didn’t think I’d still be doing this all these years later but I have no regrets and I am really enjoying it.”

Terry and his wife, Sharon, moved the shop, which does engravings, trophies and hosts events,  from the covered market to Old Road in September with a new layout to modernise its look.

Lifelong friend and darts legend Bobby George wanted to do an official grand opening for the shop and the owners agreed to do so whilst celebrating the 25th anniversary

Terry added: “We’ve been very lucky, another darts legend and friend Wayne Mardle checked in a few times whilst we were relaunching.

“Our customers have been loyal, we had to close for nine weeks while refurbishing and another week whilst I was recovering from my operation.”

On the day, the shop gave away 50 goodie bags with darts memorabilia for the first 50 customers in attendance.

For more information on DB Darts visit dbdarts.co.uk.