RESIDENTS have been warned to stay vigilant when travelling on a particular road due to its condition leaving cars damaged.

The concern lies with drivers travelling from Thorpe to Frinton or Walton along Thorpe Road as the road is collapsing.

A large hole in the road has been filled water meaning unsuspecting motorists could be at risk of injury if driving quickly or damage to vehicles such as issues with suspension.

Daniel Land, Thorpe Parish Council chairman, said the issue was being looked into as well as other problems around the village.

He said: “I only became aware of that situation from a post made by a resident on Facebook.

“There was a hole there a few months ago which was repaired but I believe the issue has resurfaced again.

“That area falls outside my jurisdiction as it’s just leading into Kirby but I will be looking into it because of other issues we’ve had.”

Another issue in the village is near a popular site which could be more dangerous for drivers.

The problem is at Station Road where a suspected water leak has caused water to flow out of the road for several days.

Mr Land added: “Now that the rain has subsided, It looks like some sort of water leak that has come from underground.

“It could be as a result of a new property being built but I’m not sure, I reported the issue on Christmas Eve to Affinity Water.

“However, if it is not sorted I will be asking my Essex Highway colleagues for assistance.

Mr Land added: “The thing that has expedited these problems has been a dry summer.

“Our road structure is built on a clay surface and this can expand or shrink depending on the weather.

“Essex Highways are looking into this and I know they are doing their best because I liaise with them every fortnight.”

A spokeswoman for Affinity Water said: "Our team have investigated the report of a leak using listening devices and testing the water. 

"No leak was found and we have informed Councillor Dan Land of the outcome.

"He will be looking into clearing the gulleys in the area and if this doesn’t resolve the problem, we’ve asked him to contact us again."