Lidl has revealed the best times to shop in its stores during the Christmas rush next week as many will be buying items for their Christmas spreads.

The supermarket expects a spike in shoppers as Christmas nears and it hopes by revealing the best times to shop that its customers can plan ahead.

In the week leading up to Christmas last year, data found that the quietest times to shop at Lidl were between 8am and 10am, and from 6pm onwards. 

The middle of the day proved to be busiest with the highest level of footfalls being seen in stores between 12pm and 2pm. 

Lidl expects to see a similar pattern this year as shoppers grab their last food and Middle of Lidl bits before the big day.

The supermarket has plenty to offer including its Deluxe Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cottage and Deluxe 24 Month Mature Christmas Pudding plus the Hortus Clementine Winter Light-up Gin Liqueur or the Elixiris Champagne Montaudon, ideal for the Christmas Day dinner table.

There’s also a variety of Christmas dinner staples including fresh turkey and vegetables for 19p each, including potatoes, parsnips, carrots and sprouts.

Customers are encouraged to use the Lidl Plus app which will show them how busy their local Lidl store is in real-time so they can avoid the busy crowds.

The app also offers customers discounts and throughout December, customers can receive a new coupon every day.