NEW measures have been introduced to reduce a seaside attraction’s carbon footprint.

Clacton Pier is ditching all of its old wooden picnic tables and benches in favour of composite replacements across the 6.5-acre site.

The new outdoor equipment is made up of mainly recycled car tyres which will also cut back on the amount of maintenance required as they will not need repainting or repairing.

Pier director Billy Ball said the equipment is sustainable and far more hygienic.

“This is a major step forward with around 75 to 80 tables and benches being replaced - which will mean no trees have been cut down for this project,” he said.

“These are now easier to clean and more aesthetically pleasing, but the main driver is for the environment.

“We have been proactive in the past few years in reducing our carbon footprint and the majority of our lighting is now LED or low energy.

“We are also looking at our packaging more closely and aim to reduce the amount of plastic we use in this area.

“It is vital that we all do whatever we can to improve our ways of doing business to help protect the environment and encourage others to do the same. We are by no means perfect but are moving in the right direction.”