NERVES were high as a pub-goer put down an audacious bet during a World Cup football match.

Connor Needs, 22, attended Tom Peppers in Clacton on Monday, November 21, as England kicked off their campaign against Iran.

The day before, Connor decided to put a bet down with the help of one of the people he supports at work.

He said: “I work as a senior support worker for Achieve together and during my shift on Sunday, I asked one of the people I support what he thought the score would be.

“Coincidentally, we both said 6-2 at the same time so I thought it was some sort of sign and put down a £5 bet.”

There was a lot at stake as the bet winnings would see Connor cash out with £2,500.

The match saw England come out as worthy winners but considering the bet, it was a nervy ordeal throughout for Connor.

He added: “It was really strange because there was a moment at 5-1 where I could have cashed out at £1,500 and all my friends were encouraging me to do so but I remained faithful.

“My heart sank because a few moments later the winnings were slashed to £44 so at that point I had to root against my country.

“Then obviously the penalty went in and as you can see from the social media footage it was bedlam in there.”

Connor is not a regular gambler and usually saves it for special occasions like international tournaments.

The atmosphere in the pub was lively with attendees cheering him on each time England scored a goal.

Connor is not settling for this massive win however as he is trying his luck at another bet on an England match.

He said: “The money is going straight into my account but I have put down another bet for the game against the USA.

“It’s a different type now, a bet builder with factors like throw-ins and shots instead of just goals but I’ve put down £5 with a £3,500 payout.”

England will face the United States today, November 25, at 7pm.