CLACTON provided the backdrop for Nigel Farage’s primetime television slot as the outspoken presenter spoke with residents about immigration and homelessness.

The former politician, who was previously the leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party, broadcast his GB News show from the seaside town this evening.

The live transmission came after the controversial 58-year-old had headed out with a camera crew to speak with locals about their views on Brexit and refugees.

During the Farage at Large programme, the honorary president of Reform UK spoke with the likes of Dan Casey, councillor for West Clacton and Jaywick Sands.

They debated over whether Brexit would have been more successful under a different Government, with Dan saying leaving the EU had made it harder to visit his family.

The lack of fishing boats in seawaters off the Clacton coast also came up as a topic of discussion, as well as the ever-dividing conversation surrounding immigration.

Later in the broadcast, Farage was quizzed by members of the audience, including one Clacton resident who begged him to make a sensational return to politics.

Reality television star Bobby Norris from The Only Way Is Essex even popped up in the programme, which is understood to have been filmed in a comrades club.

Shortly before the conclusion of the live broadcast, Farage described Clacton as one of the friendliest places he had ever visited.