A YOUNG artist hit a key goal in his burgeoning career when his picture of a global superstar was featured in a Louis Theroux documentary.

Wilf Elliott, 19, of Clacton has gained recognition from famous names such as Gareth Bale and AJ Tracey.

Now his picture of Stormzy was featured in Louis Theroux’s interview series on TV.

Wilf drew the picture in January and set out on his task to reach the rap superstar.

He said: “Back in March, I went to a Stormzy concert with a friend at the O2 Arena in London and I took the drawing along with me.

“I emailed the O2 staff beforehand but didn’t get a response, so I ended up blagging it on the day and security gave the picture to his management.

“A few months later, I got an Instagram message from one of the producers of Louis Theroux’s show. She asked me if I wanted my picture featured in the episode.”

Wilf got the good news his picture made the cut a month before the episode aired in late October.

Wilf was told he would have still received the footage to use as promotion for his work even if it wasn't included.

He has now revealed his delight at seeing his picture on TV and knowing Stormzy liked the image.

He said: “It’s hard to explain, it was just very strange to see it in his house considering I’ve spent so much time with that piece of art and he’s such a big celebrity.

“In the episode you can see he’s placed it with his platinum records as well so I’m assuming it means something to him which is great as well.”

In addition to his artwork, Wilf is working as a tattoo artist at Monumental Ink in Stanway.

In terms of current projects, he has his sights set on drawing famous characters from blockbuster films, starting with the joker.

To see more of Wilf’s work visit bit.ly/3UJfqsR.