A MARTIAL arts club has achieved great success in the last six months by winning more than 100 medals in several competitions.

Essex Wado Ryu Karate (EWRK) Martial Arts Club based in The Brotherhood Hall, Clacton, has competed in four competitions since May.

They have battled in Clacton and as far away as Cardiff, each time improving and getting better results.

Ailstair Thomson, chief instructor at the club, detailed what went on in the competitions and how proud he was of his members.

He said: “We competed in Clacton, Basingstoke, Cardiff and then in an international competition hosted by a movie star in London.

“We got progressively better, winning a few medals in Clacton. Then, in the Basingstoke competition we took 16 members and absolutely smashing it winning eight gold medals and lots of silver and bronze medals.

“The Welsh Open in Cardiff was a bit of a trek but things kept improving, we smashed it again winning even more medals.

“Black belt instructor Aaron Boyce and seven-year-old Parker Tarrant did phenomenally well considering there were more than 600 competitors.

The last competition in Kensington, London, was run by movie star Gary Wasniewski and it was an international affair.

The medals table saw EWRK beat out all other clubs at the event.

Wado Ryu means way of peace and the club is teaching members to improve the harmony within their own bodies, both physically and mentally.

Alistair added: “We have a firm and fair approach when training, there are no egos allowed as we work as a team to help each other out.

“Although we are a team, we try to treat each member as an individual to make sure they get the right amount of attention for their specific needs.”

Alistair is also collaborating with Gary on a feature film, in which he is acting and involved in choreography.

The film, called The Karate Breaker will be shot in Texas and London, filming is currently scheduled for early 2023.

For more information on EWRK Martial Arts Club visit ewrk.co.uk.