FRINTON’S MP has called for an “outrageous” decision to install lights in Kirby Cross to be overturned.

Drivers and residents have been left angry over the installation of a new traffic management system, which has caused “chaos” on the main road to Frinton - with almost 80 cars queuing to leave the area at times.

Vistry Homes is installing lights at the junction of Halstead Road, Frinton Road and Holland Road, Kirby Cross, as part of a condition imposed by a Planning Inspector for its new 240 home-estate in Halstead Road.

Clacton MP Giles Watling said he has urgently written to Simon Clarke, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, to “object outright to the Planning Inspectorate’s decision to overrule local democracy and wreak havoc in our community”.

He added: “This outrageous decision to impose new traffic lights was neither requested or approved by the planning nor the highways authority.

“Essex County Council was forced to issue a permit under the tutelage of one individual, the inspector.

“Local knowledge would inform that these lights effectively cut off a peninsula which not only already has access issues, but is also growing exponentially in population.

“The temporary works to install these lights in Kirby Cross has brought a large chunk of the constituency of Clacton to a halt.

“My mailbox exploded this week with supplications from residents asking to remove the works and reinstate the perfectly effective roundabouts at this junction – and I heartily concur.

“Some care home workers are having to add up to another 40 minutes to what should be a ten-minute journey to work.

“This can still be fixed - the new lights are not yet installed.

“I sincerely hope the Secretary of State takes immediate action to rectify this unnecessary tragedy.”

Vistry Homes said it is carrying out the works, which are due to be completed in February, as quickly as possible as part of its “legal obligations”.

Essex Highways last week said it was aware of the traffic conditions at this junction caused by the four-way temporary traffic lights.

It said that if improvements can’t be made then they will trial manually controlling the traffic lights at peak times.