THE installation of a new traffic management system has caused “chaos” on the main road to Frinton.

Residents claim “horrendous” traffic has been caused on Frinton Road, Kirby Cross - with almost 80 cars queuing to leave the area at times.

Vistry Homes is installing traffic lights at the junction of Halstead Road, Frinton Road and Holland Road, Kirby Cross.

The works are required to manage traffic generated from the development of 240 homes in Halstead Road.

Following complaints from residents, a spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “We are aware of the current traffic conditions at this junction, which are being caused by the four-way temporary traffic lights that are in place while installation works are being undertaken.

“To help alleviate this issue, we have requested that the developer’s contractor reviews the timings of the temporary signals and if improvements can’t be made then they will trial manually controlling the traffic lights at peak times to assess whether this approach can successfully improve traffic flows.”

Frinton mayor Terry Allen said town, district and county councillors campaigned against the changes for years.

He added: “We have been talking to everyone and pleading our case, but the decision for the traffic lights to be installed was made by a Government inspector, so it’s going to happen, no matter what.

“Every time we have temporary traffic lights there, it is horrendous.

“At the moment there are temporary four-way traffic lights, which is the main problem causing traffic.

“But in the end there will be just one set of lights at the T-junction.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is that after a year, the work will be assessed.”

Vistry Homes said it is carrying out the works, which are due to be completed in February, as quickly as possible as part of its “legal obligations”.

Resident Antoinette Lawrence launched an online petition to ‘Stop the Kirby Cross Traffic Lights’ on the website.

She said: “Clearly the traffic lights at Kirby Cross are causing chaos.

“The traffic always flowed before.”

To sign the petition, go to