BEACHES up and down Tendring were given some tender loving care as a district wide beach cleaning event took place.

The Great Tendring Beach Clean took place across ten different locations from Harwich to Jaywick and was organised by environmentally friendly groups.

Adrian Smith of the Clacton Volunteer Litter Picking group thought of the idea in collaboration with other groups in Tendring including Walton Against Lazy Littering (WALLYs) and Frinton Frombles.

Rachel Barford, co-ordinator of WALLYs said: “To be honest Walton Beach was relatively clean apart from some areas around the promenade and steps.

“We also went to the as the car park was quite bad but we tend to clean there quite regularly.

"The idea is to clean that area as quickly as possible because as soon as the wind blows the litter will be all over the beach.”

More than 90 volunteers turned up at the event, covering 15 miles of beach.

The litter picking groups often share ideas, equipment and stories.

The groups have a good relationship as they are all working together to protect their respective beaches and improve the environment.

Rachel added: “In terms of the state of beaches some are worse than others, Clacton can have problems because of the large number of tourists.

“Frinton and Walton has trouble when the tide comes in because all the litter is washed away in the sea which damages our marine environment as well.

“We do what we can to beat the tide but we have to be very quick.

"In general, I believe people can be educated more on taking litter home or just using the nearest bin.”

Rachel praised all the volunteers who help to keep beaches clean in Walton.

She said: “Everyone seemed to very much enjoy tackling the beach, as well as the coastal margins of the prom, walkways and nature reserve, to prevent litter currently on the land from entering the sea.”