ATTENDEES enjoyed an artistic event bringing awareness to an important geographical landmark, despite the threat of rain.

Naze Day took place on a windy Saturday at the Naze Tower Shelter in Walton and saw plenty of smiles and cheers from attending families.

Fossil group Things Found at the Naze ran a table top sharks tooth hunt which was popular with the kids and adults too as they did not have to crawl around on the beach looking for the teeth.

A spokesman for the Naze Tower said: “In the free art workshop with Emma Eagle more than 100 pictures were created and added to our two large maps as part of the Tall Tales project.

“Lots of people had a go at creating their own art based on their favourite aspect of the Naze and surrounding area or their favourite view from the top of the tower.”

Attendees chose to draw the fossils, erosion, boats, wildlife, dog walkers and the Naze Tower itself.

For the people who were not up for drawing, there were postcards to fill in with their memories and stories of the Naze and the rack was full by the end of the day.

The spokesman added: “The free ‘nA-Ze trail’ leaflets created by artist Emma Eagle to get you out and about exploring the Naze were popular with families but we have got some left so just pick one up from the Tower.”

Naze Day is part of Tall Tales, the Naze Tower’s Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund project.

The Naze Tower has used the grant to commission two artists, Allan Drummond and Richard Allen, to work on interpretation rooms at the Naze Tower.

Mr Drummond is creating displays based on sights from the top today and in the past for the View from the Top Room, the Naze Tower shelter.

Mr Allen will illustrate the museum room with a timeline history of the Naze and the Tower, these boards will be completed by May 2023.

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