A PRIMARY school in Thorpe has been praised for its reading provision in a 'good' report by inspectors.

Rolph Primary School and Nursery received the good rating in its latest Ofsted inspection, its first since 2016.

Inspectors praised the school’s diverse curriculum and focus on personal development, stating that "from the moment children join nursery, they enjoy the many opportunities provided to investigate and explore".

The report said the school’s values are "an important part of daily life for pupils" with classes learning how to "build strong and supportive friendships".

Inspectors also praised the school's reading provision, which is achieved through regular reading sessions in class time.

Teachers read aloud to children and encourage open discussion about each book, helping children become confident readers and "develop a love for reading".

Karen Jones, executive headteacher, said: “Since joining the school, the priority has always been to ensure that Rolph offers its pupils a rich education that fully prepares our children for the next stage of their lives as great members of our community and beyond.

"The overall outcome from the inspection was incredibly positive and highlighted a number of key strengths”

Emma Wigmore, chief executive of the Vine Schools Trust, said; “Rolph has continued to demonstrate a rapid change which has had a positive impact on the school community, and we are delighted that this has been recognised in the school’s recent inspection.

"Hearing special praise being given to the school’s rich curriculum, which uses collective worship, special visits and a range of school trips to help children learn about diversity and different communities, is fantastic.”