A CHARITY boss has said he believes the death of her Majesty the Queen will hit the elder generation the hardest, as he described her as “the backbone of the country.”

Edward Bell is the charman of Tendring Eldercare, an organisation which strives to provide care and socialisation for the community’s more senior residents.

Late last year the Brightlingsea campaigner, who during the pandemic set-up an emergency foodbank, was honoured by the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.

According to Edward, Queen Elizabeth II’s death is already having an impact on those who attend the charity’s day centre in Kings Road, Clacton.

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Ralph Sanderson, 85, for example, who proudly served in the Royal Engineers, has reportedly been in tears all morning, not least because “everyone loved her.”

Edward acknowledges the death of the country’s longest-serving monarch will be felt by everyone but expects the elderly to be particularly saddened by the news.

He said: “No matter what we have faced as individuals or as a community, Her Majesty has always been the one sure thing. The backbone of the country.
“This loss has hit hard on all of us, but mostly the elder generation.

“They have grown up alongside her and shared momentous life experiences such as the birth of their children, their marriages, their careers and wars.

“They have laughed and cried at the same historical events with many of them serving Her Majesty and devoting their lives to her within the Armed Forces.”

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In addition to grieving the loss of such an iconic figurehead, Edward also worries her death will trigger painful memories for the older generation of loved ones tlost.

He added: “They grieve the nation's loss, and sadly, many have nobody to comfort them – so, once again the elderly are the hardest hit.

“Queen Elizabeth II had become the nation's grandmother, she picked us up when we were down and this will to be a very difficult time for so many.

“If there has ever been a time for us all to pull together. This is it.  I am and always will be a servant to our reigning monarch. Long live The King.”