NORTH Essex politicians and residents have reacted to Liz Truss winning the race to become Britain’s new Prime Minister and the leader of the Conservative Party.

The former Foreign Secretary was announced as the victor of the Tory leadership contest this week after securing 81,326 votes from Conservative Party members.

Her challenger, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, only secured 60,399 votes following Boris Johnson’s decision to resign back in July.

Ms Truss was officially appointed as the country’s new Prime Minister today, making her the third woman in history to hold the biggest job in UK politics.

Since her victory, MPs and residents alike from across the county have moved to have their say on the appointment.

Clacton MP Giles Watling, who backed Ms Truss, added: “I’m glad that the process is finally over - I think it took far too long.

“Some of the processes need to be reviewed so the country is not left in suspension like this again.

“I’m delighted we now have a leader behind which we must all coalesce for the good of the country.

“The whole country will have the opportunity to make a decision on the future of that Government in a couple of years.”

Colchester MP Will Quince, who had favoured Mr Sunak for the top job, said: “With the contest over, now is the time to unite behind our new leader and, with a laser-like focus, continue our work delivering for the British people.”

Harwich and North Essex MP Sir Bernard Jenkin congratulated Ms Truss on her victory following the announcement of the leadership election results and offered his commiserations to Rishi Sunak.

Sir Bernard said: “The leadership debates have encouraged a frank discussion about many of the challenges facing the country at this difficult time.

“The severe cost of living crisis, and particularly energy prices, must be at the top of the list for action.

“I have argued for further support for those most in need, including those facing fuel poverty at home as well as businesses struggling in the face of rising energy costs.

“I will continue to press the case with the new Prime Minister and her ministerial team as they seek to ease the pressures being felt.”