A KARAOKE host turned have-a-go hero bravely confronted a gang of thieves after catching them trying to steal his lawnmower just as he was returning home.

Wayne Lee, 39, was driving back to his property in St John’s Road, Clacton, just after 6pm on Monday when he received a notification from his Ring doorbell.

While stationary, the father-of-one checked the live footage being streamed to his mobile, only to discover three men were lurking on and around his driveway.

In CCTV footage seen by the Gazette, one of the crooks is then spotted opening a gate before walking onto a property and grabbing Mr Lee’s petrol lawnmower.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

After wheeling it through the gate and off of the site, he then decides to pick it up before carrying it out of shot and fleeing the scene.

Given he was only 400-metres from home at the time of the alert, the NHS facilities manager, however, was able to catch them red-handed in a nearby public car park.

He said: “I mounted the pavement and jumped out and starting shouting at them, which made two of the guys back off.

“The thief then tried to convince me he had a friend working in my house, which is rubbish because I do all my own work.

“I snatched the petrol lawnmower back while continuing to shout and warning them that they best not return.

“I didn’t think about what I was doing to be fair because I work hard for our belongings and I will not let anyone take them.

“The harder we can make it for these people, the better.”

According to Mr Lee, the thieves used mountain bikes as their getaway vehicles and each of them were wearing a rucksack.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“Everyone hits hard times but it looks like these guys have a substance addiction and they need to get the right help,” added Mr Lee.

“But this country is unfortunately lacking in mental health crisis and addiction support.

“Personally, I think the area has got worse since Tendring starting housing people from London authorities.”