TALENTED painting pupils channelled their inner Banksy to create a raft of artworks which have now been used to decorate fences at their school.

Creative students at Frinton Primary School, in Fifth Avenue, were given an array of different famous artists to study at the beginning of half term.

They were then challenged to produce their own pieces inspired by the works of their designated artists before spending weeks learning how to realise their designs.

Early Years were inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas, Year 1 looked into Emily Carr, Year 2 studied Drew Brophy and Year 3 learnt all about Marcus Cadman.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

For the Year 4 pupils Sonia Delaunay was their muse, while Mick Burton was the focus point for those in Year 5 and Banksy for students in Year 6.

After then collaborating in groups to negotiate, compose and create a final piece, the results were made into banners and displayed throughout the school.

Jane Guest, teacher at Frinton Primary School, said: “The children have really enjoyed this project and it has broadened their understanding of the importance of art.

“We hope that the local community enjoys the work as much as the children and staff have enjoyed creating it.”