Essex celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has put one of his classic cars up for sale - and it even featured in a popular TV show filmed in Southend.

One of Jamie Oliver's private classic cars, from the collection he keeps in his Essex mansion, is being sold, the Daily Mail has reported.

The 1970 Ford Capri 3000GT featured in the Channel 4 show Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, and still has the 'Jamie' and 'Jimmy' window stickers.

Jamie, who lives near Braintree, and famous farmer Jimmy Doherty used the car drive to RAF Wittering for one of the episodes in their popular cooking series.

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Its celebrity connection is not the only thing which will attract buyers, however, as the model is also reported to be increasingly popular with collectors.

A Ford Capri sold for a record-breaking price of £74,250 just last month. 

This Capri is a step up from early models equipped with smaller-displacement 2.0-litre engines, as the 3000GT was released in September 1969 with a 3.0-litre Essex Ford V6 petrol engine.

It is also in extremely good condition as it received a restoration from its previous owner, before the TV chef.

The car is showing as covering 52,389 miles in total.

The Essex motor is being sold by Hertfordshire-based Hilton and Moss for an undisclosed price which is strictly on application.