A TRIO of fast-flying jets are set to soar through the sky at a historic and crowd-drawing seafront event later this summer.

The Clacton Airshow has added the MiG-15, the De Havilland Vampire FB52 and the BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk82A to its already impressive line-up of planes.

Operated by the Norwegian Air Force and representing the ‘enemy aircraft’, the MiG-15 is a retired Polish Air Force jet which is capable of sustaining forces of 8G.

%image('14119285', type="article-full", alt="Soaring - One of the Firebirds in a turn. Credit: Kevin Jay")

The De Havilland Vampire FB52, meanwhile, which is currently adorned with RAF marking having starred in film The Shepherd, has a maximum speed of 548mph.

Completing the line-up of fast jets, which will appear over two days on August 25 and 26, is the BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk82A, boasting a whopping 3,500lbs of thrust.

Alex Porter, Tendring councillor responsible for leisure and tourism, said: “One of the great aspects of the Clacton Airshow is the variety of flights on display.

“The raw power of these three jets, operating at high speed, high-G and with high manoeuvrability, is often in stark contrast to the other aircraft.

“Each of these will bring something unique to the event and are well worth a watch.”

%image('14119295', type="article-full", alt="Safe landing - A Tigers Army Parachute Display team member at the 2019 Clacton Airshow. Credit: TDC/Matt Cattermole")

Crowd favourite Otto the helicopter is returning to this year’s Clacton Airshow, joining a stellar twilight display line-up.

Taking place on the first day of the event, the twilight display has proved a crowd-pleaser since it was introduced in 2015 – lighting up the evening sky and providing an opportunity for those working to enjoy the Airshow atmosphere.

Also jumping into the action will be the world-class Tigers Army Parachute Display Team, freefalling with trailing smoke and flags, who will perform a day-time jump as well as their dusk performance. The Tigers, whose attendance at the Clacton Airshow is sponsored by Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors.

%image('13158729', type="article-full", alt="Dazzling - A firework display at Clacton Pier. Credit: Kevin Jay")

Clacton Pier has teamed up with the Airshow to offer a free fireworks display on scheduled night flights.

Pier director Billy Ball said that the Airshow gives the local economy a significant shot in the arm and must be supported.

For updates and information on the Airshow visit clactonairshow.com