FRINTON'S frustrated mayor has hit out at visitors ruining its prized Greensward.

And Terry Allen condemned recent behaviour at the Greensward and he fears things will only get worse in August.

He said: “At the meeting we discussed controls and signs at the Greensward going missing.

"They are being changed and will be back in the near future hopefully.

“However, because of this people have started abusing parking regulations, they have been driving on the greensward and apparently, there were horses on The Leas end of Frinton Esplanade.

“It’s probably not the locals, maybe tourists who don’t realise how devastating this can be to the area.

“I would like to see fixed penalty notices on the greensward when people are driving cars and having barbecues on there, a litter bin was burnt out there recently and it set bushes alight.”

Mr Allen also raised concerns over work carried out at Frinton Railway Station.

Works are taking place to improve security, however, councillors, speaking at its meeting, said it was believed some of the work may be overdone.

Mr Allen added: “There seems to be some work done to refurbish the station but not in the most sympathetic way for a building in the conservation area.

“It looks like there are over the top security measures that make the place look like a high security prison instead of a railway station.

“We have got to look after our conservation area because that is what visitors see when they first arrive.”

A spokeswoman for Greater Anglia said: “There is refurbishment work happening to the station roof and platform canopies but it is all due to be removed very shortly as the work is almost complete.”

Other issues regarding the maintenance of conservation areas in Frinton and Walton include missing trees in Frinton's famous avenues.

Mr Allen said: “Trees are also missing in some roads and we are looking to get funding for more to be planted.

“We have pushed forward with Essex County Council and the Forestry Commission, we will also be speaking to local in bloom organisations for advice on trees.”

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