A MOTHER has thanked a detectorist after a ring containing her late husband’s ashes was returned to her teenage son.

Will Groves, 17, was visiting Walton beach with a group of friends to celebrate finishing his A-levels on Monday when he lost the ring.

He told his mother Claire Groves, that he believes it was lost while he applying sun lotion and only discovered it was missing when he got home.

After an appeal for help on social media, the ring was found by Adam Ferguson of the Clacton Metal Detecting Club the following day.

Adam said: “I do a few jewellery recoveries in the Clacton area and people will tag me in relevant posts on Facebook.

“It’s interesting because I lost my father as a young man as well, connecting with Will really made it feel like our fathers were looking down on us.

“The family gave me a lovely bottle of whiskey and some money to go out for a meal.”

Will’s father Mark Groves died in 2019, aged 50..

Claire said: “It was very sudden at home. We had a big day with the family and it happened in the early hours of the following morning.

“Will and I both tried to save Mark’s life before the paramedics arrived but were unsuccessful and he died of a heart attack.”

Claire and Will had Mark’s ashes made into a pair of earrings and a signet ring at Essex-based company Ashes Into Glass to honour his memory.

Claire added: “Ashes Into Glass is the most amazing place, they are so kind and thoughtful and very careful.

“You have to supply a teaspoon of the ashes and they melt the glass, blow it and mix it with the ashes.

“Will was only 14 when his dad died and the ring has been a key part of his life since then.

“I can’t believe how helpful the Walton community was in finding the ring and can’t thank them enough.”

The situation was especially heart-warming for Adam as he found the ring on his birthday, ensuring he could celebrate his big day by making someone else’s happier.