THE world rallied behind Ukraine when Vladimir Putin announced Russia would invade the nation, now Clacton MP Giles Watling is urging the government to redouble efforts.

Following a meeting with Ukrainian parliamentarians on Wednesday, June 22, Mr Watling was adamant that efforts to raising awareness on the conflict should continue.

He said: “When I met the MPs from Ukraine, I was struck by how they were both deeply grateful for the help of the British.

“However, I was also very concerned that the West may be putting the war on a lower priority level as the public and press simply get used to the images of atrocity.”

Mr Watling has referred to past crises as an example not to follow when continuing to shed a light on the issues in war torn countries.

He added: “I reflect on the situation in Afghanistan. There was mass outrage when the Taliban took back power - and yet, there is almost no press coverage of this today even though the Taliban tighten their grip on that poor benighted country.

“It is vital the Ukraine story stays alive, to galvanise support, up to the point when we can deliver peace and prosperity again, free from Putin’s aggression.”