A PHOTOGRAPHER from Frinton has captured a stunning image of a lightning strikes behind the town’s iconic clocktower shelter.

Leom Manning, 25, took his camera to Frinton Greensward during Saturday’s thunderstorm.

He captured a number of cracking images of lightning lighting up the night sky behind the shelter.

Leom, who works professionally as a school, wedding and baby photographer, said: “I drove my sister over to Manningtree and the lightning was terrifying.

“By the time I got back home to Frinton I thought I’d missed it, but it started back up and I ended up spending two and a half hours out there.

“I was really pleased with this image - and didn’t expect to get such a reaction.

“I put it online and more than 1,000 people liked it.

“There’s something great about that clock tower.

“A lot of people said it looked like Stranger Things, although I’ve never seen it, or Back to the Future.”