A DERELICT eyesore is set to be taken over by a council with the potential for more council houses to be built in its place.

The land and property at Victoria Street, Dovercourt, is deemed dangerous by Tendring Council and has attracted anti-social behaviour over several years.

After recent bad weather and the council having to secure the site in the interest of public safety, the owners have now agreed to sell the property.

Harwich councillor and mayor Ivan Henderson said: “This has been a thorn in our side for so many years.

“We have tried everything to protect that area.

“It’s an absolute eyesore.

“The hoardings been damaged so many times and it is the first place you see when you come off the train at Dovercourt.

“They do say with regard to broken window syndrome that when something gets to such a bad way, it just encourages more.

“The sooner we get building the better.”

The council has been receiving complaints since 2017 with concerns the property is a dangerous structure.

Complaints have also been received regarding the state of the hoardings around the site and fly tipping.

Following bad weather that severely damaged the hoardings around the land, the council arranged for new hoardings to be placed around the site.

When landowners were contacted, officers were told that the land was going to be put to auction unless the council wished step in and purchase it prior to this.

Following negotiations, the owner agreed to sell the land to Tendring Council.

Council leader Neil Stock said: “This is about community leadership.

“Tendring Council showing a bit of initiative and sorting out a problem and hopefully getting a good positive result with potentially subject to a further decision maybe getting a few council houses goin