A PRODUCTION company based in Thorpe has been inspired by winning a coveted award to start a new movie project.

Longhurst and Putt Productions was stunned when its film Lucas and Albert beat out Hollywood blockbusters like 1917 to win best feature at the National Film Awards 2021.

Now Anthony Longhurst is not resting on his laurels and is working hard to produce his next project.

He said: “In terms of Lucas and Albert, when they announced we won everything went in slow motion, I was totally speechless.

“Initially when we were nominated I called up the National Film Awards because I thought it was a hoax.

“When we won hardly anyone knew about us or the film.

"Next time we want a bigger budget to get more people in the area involved.”

Lucas and Albert was written by Longhurst and his collaborator Robert Putt, it follows two ageing hitmen who are forced into doing one final job.

In the movie, the two main characters are tasked with watching a house.

Longhurst and Putt’s latest project Babysitters concerns what is going on in that house.

Anthony added: “I wouldn’t say it’s a sequel, more so an ‘equal’ as the two films are connected.

“Babysitters will be told through flashbacks and its about friendship, loyalty and the nasty business of crime.

“Gangsters should not be hero worshipped and they usually put innocent people in harms way who end up losing a lot more than their liberty."

People being victims of their surroundings is a topic that is very important to Anthony.

He has acted on hit shows like Eastenders, The Bill and London’s Burning but witnessed hardship growing up in the East end before moving to Thorpe.

Anthony said: “Sometimes working class people don’t get a chance.

"I didn’t know anyone that went to university when I was growing up.

“Now you see people like Gary Oldman and Danny Boyle coming to north Essex so hopefully we can take advantage and boost the area.”

Filming for Babysitters is set to begin in early 2023. For more information visit bit.ly/3l9dqtI.