Almost 40 households in Tendring were threatened with homelessness through no-fault evictions in Tendring last autumn, figures show.

Despite a recent pledge from the Government to scrap them, landlords are still able to evict tenants through a section 21 notice, which can provide tenants with as little as eight weeks’ notice to leave – sometimes without reason – once the fixed term in their tenancy agreement expires.

Data from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities shows 39 households in Tendring were made homeless or put at risk of homelessness between October and December last year.

This was an increase from 25 households between October and December of 2019.

The same Government data also shows a total of 93 households were found to be homeless in Tendring during the same period.

This compares to 97 households assessed as homeless over in 2019.

Of those already understood to be homeless, 78 found accommodation last autumn.

Tendring councillor Paul Honeywood, who is responsible for housing, said the figures were always likely to rise after the pandemic following a period where evictions were banned.

He added: “We work within government policy and always do our best to support those who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, to help them into suitable accommodation.”