TWO celebrities came to town to learn about darts and take part in a fun tournament for a TV show.

Comedian Alhan Gencay and rapper Big Narstie were in Clacton to take in the town and learn the sport from a darts legend.

The pair were taught by darts stalwart Bobby George at DB Darts in the town's covered market.

Terry Sweeney runs DB Darts with his wife Sharon and helped Bobby out in teaching the celebrities the ropes.

He said: “Bobby and myself met Alhan in the morning and we gave him some coaching at the darts shop.

“The idea of the show was for Alhan and Big Narstie to come along to the railway club for a round robin pairs competition.

“A key part of the coaching was the mental side, explaining the pressure that players are under during a competition.

“Alhan does some gaming and said he doesn’t feel that same pressure but was up for the challenge.”

Alhan is known for being outgoing and very confident, an example of this is him kissing a dart and hitting a bullseye first time as the cameras were rolling.

When he told his friend Big Narstie about this, he was inspired to do the same.

Terry added: “The pair were very confident but there were some moments during the tournament that the pressure was showing but they handled it well.

“At one point they had an opportunity to win a leg and were very unlucky not to win it, that’s when Alhan told me he understood what I was talking about regarding the pressure.”

Alhan also did some filming at Clacton Pier to really take in the town as the experience was new to him.

Bobby George wanted to go to the darts tournament but had to attend to a family matter and left in the afternoon.

Terry said: “At the end of the night the lads were asked what they thought of Clacton and said they would love to come back.

“Who knows, they may end up doing some fishing with Bobby one day.”

Details about the show are expected to be released soon.