CLACTON’s MP has said now is not the time for a change in leadership after the Prime Minister and Chancellor were fined for attending rule breaking parties during the pandemic.

Giles Watling previously stated like many other Clacton residents, he could not see his family during lockdowns, including his dying sister.

In February Mr Watling added that those who make the law should never break it and has maintained his views.

He said: “First of all, you can’t have law makers becoming law breakers.

“Having said that, now is not the time for a change in leadership. We live in dangerous times and the perils we face are being managed extremely well by the current leadership.

“There will be a time when the reckoning has to come but that is not now.”

Mr Watling added that it was not for him to decide if the £50 fine was an adequate punishment.

He added: “There were many tens of thousands who transgressed and were handed similar fines.

“That is for the police and judicial system to decide what is adequate, the level of fine should reflect the level of the crime.

“For instance, if you were planning to hold a many thousand-person event for profit then that’s serious, but attending a small gathering for a birthday party is less serious.”

Mr Watling said he did not know what the Prime Minister and Chancellor can do to restore the public’s faith.

He added: “I think there’s damage and I don’t know what they can do to repair the damage.”