A THOUGHT-PROVOKING play “designed to shake your moral compass to its core” will tackle consent, homophobia and mental health when it is performed at a theatre.

Consensual, directed by Melissa Wenn and Lola Garlick, will be staged at the Princes Theatre, in Station Road, Clacton, for three nights from April 14.

Originally written by Evan Placey, the script follows head of Year 10 teacher Diane who believes new arrival Freddie took advantage of her seven years earlier.

He, however, believes she groomed him as a teenager, leading the story down an avenue in which sex and consent is explored.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Venue - The Princes Theatre, in ClactonVenue - The Princes Theatre, in Clacton

Lola Garlick, 19, co-director of the show, which is produced by the Princes Acting Centre, said the play strives to look at topics which people can often shy away from.

She added: “The subjects talked about within the play are ones people try to skip past and ignore but with this play there was no ignoring anything – so it hasn’t been easy.

“Melissa Wenn and I had many discussions with the young actors, picking apart the script and what they felt consent was – this allowed us all to be very open.

“It has been an eye opening experience and one that has allowed me to be creative and make executive decisions to benefit the play as a whole.”

Fellow director Melissa added: "The young performers have worked tirelessly to bring a naturalistic and tense atmosphere to the play, dealing with issues such as relationships, consent, homophobia and mental health."

Tickets for Consensual cost £10 and can be purchased by visiting princestheatre.co.uk.