A CLUB chairman is worried that he will have to shut its doors if new members do not join soon.

Richard Puzey, 75, of Hayes Road, is the chairman of the Tendring One Model Railway Club, based in Old Road, Clacton.

The club has gone through various means to try and attract new members.

Richard said: “We were hit so hard during the pandemic, we’ve had so many people leaving through illness because of our age group.

“It’s not necessarily us, but our other halves being ill meaning we have to look after them for extended periods.”

“Originally when the club started more than 20 years ago we had 24 members, now we’re down to about ten.”

The club produces layouts to build tracks and uses several train models in what Richard describes as a ‘diverse hobby’.

He said: “For some background on what we do, we have three main criteria, OO gauge which is probably the most popular, N gauge layout and O gauge layout.

“We do spend a lot of time building models with the electrics and everything, I really find the hobby fascinating.

“Also, as we’re all retired it’s also a sort of social meeting for us where we can have tea and a biscuit and just catch up.”

For more details about the club, call Richard on 01255 223 862.