A PROPERTY listing was flipped on its head after its sudden removal from Rightmove.

The property in question is a bright and quirky upside down house on the Clacton seafront.

It was listed on Rightmove by Lamb and Co, an estate agency that sells and rents properties around Tendring, for £500,000.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: A look at the unique bedroom in the propertyA look at the unique bedroom in the property

Alice Mosey, marketing director at Lamb and Co said: “I worked at the Pavilion when I was younger and wanted to help them launch the opening of the house to the public so we put it up as a fake listing.

“We hoped it would stay on the website for a few more days before the admins noticed.

“The listing is alongside a competition we're running for tickets to see the opening of the house this Saturday.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: The eye-catching kitchen areaThe eye-catching kitchen area

The eye-catching attraction will be available to the public on Saturday, March 12 between 11pm and 5pm.

Abbie Sams, manager at the Clacton Pavilion added: “It’s a very quirky place, it could make you feel a little dizzy to be honest.

“It has a great view of the sea and it’s completely different to anything I’ve ever been involved with.

“The second you walk in, everything is upside down. The moment you enter, technically, you’re walking on the ‘roof’ of the house.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: The upside down house's lounge areaThe upside down house's lounge area

To enter the competition for free tickets, you must follow Lamb and Co's and Clacton Pavilion's facebook pages and share this post on your feed.

The winner will be announced at 8pm today.

Entry to the house is £4 per person or £14 for a family of four, children under two go free and the house will be available every weekend onwards.

For more information on this unique attraction, visit bit.ly/36bjXQ1.