DRIVERS and motor fans area gearing up for the return of the Corbeau Seats Rally.

Clacton seafront is set to host its own stage of this year’s rally for the first time on April 23 and 24.

The race will open the 2022 Motorsport UK British Rally Championship.

In 2018, the rally in Tendring was the first to make use of new legislation which allowed closed road motorsport in England.

It included five stages across the Tendring countryside and Clacton was only used as a staging area.

But this year a new spectator stage will take place twice on Clacton seafront on the Saturday evening.

The cars will also complete three loops of four closed road stages, with designated spectator viewing areas and facilities.

A spokesman said: “It’s just 60 days until the third edition of the Corbeau Seats Rally in Tendring and Clacton.

“The first-come-first-served element will be replaced by a ballot for the majority of places, as used successfully on other rallies.”

Competitors have until March 12 to enter the contest.