AFTER two long years, a group of young artists are returning to theatres to perform a musical.

The award winning West Cliff Youth Theatre presents ‘Kipps the new Half A Sixpence musical’ that will take place at the West Cliff theatre in Clacton from Thursday, February 17 to Sunday, February 19.

This show was a smash hit at the West End a few years ago and provides a new spin on the original ‘Half a Sixpence’.

It tells the story of Arthur Kipps, played by Edward Wayland a simple man who comes into fortune and how it changes his life.

It is set in Edwardian times in the seaside resort of Folkestone, a town that very similar to Clacton.

Arthur finds himself in a tough situation in which he has to choose between Ann, his childhood sweetheart, and Helen Walsingham, the society girl he meets when he wins his fortune, played by Jade Kennedy and Gabrielle Tyler respectively.

The classic musical includes hits like ‘Flash Bang Wallop’ and ‘Half a Sixpence’.

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