HOUSEHOLDS in Tendring are likely to be stumping up an additional £5 to the district council in the next financial year.

Tendring Council’s cabinet agreed plans to increase its council tax demand for an average home to £182.64 in 2022/3, although the decision will need to be ratified by the full council.

The figure is in addition to levies set by County Hall and the police and fire commissioner.

Since the last cabinet meeting, the Government – which is phasing out grant funding for local authorities – announced it would be providing some money to councils.

“There have been a number of changes to the budget since we last met – and it’s good to report they have all been positive,” said council leader Neil Stock.

“The biggest change relates to the recently announced Government funding of over £1millon, which includes the continuation of the revenue support grant.

“We have also now added in the cost of continuing with a number of important one-off posts, which includes community ambassadors and street rangers.

“We have also received £1.85million of New Homes Bonus, which will support the delivery of important projects as we head into 2022/3.

“We are not in a bad position as we head into the next financial year.”