CLACTON MP Giles Watling has spoken about the increasing energy prices, saying "we cannot allow to make the poorest people poorer".

Mr Watling also addressed climate change and and what needs to be done to support Tendring residents.

He said: “Man-made climate change is a serious issue, which I believe we must address urgently.

"As someone who has the pleasure of sailing around the Tendring peninsula, I am deeply aware that we need to protect our natural environment for generations to come.

"Put simply, it’s vital for the survival of the planet.

"However, we cannot just allow spiralling energy costs and green taxes make the poorest people poorer still.

"Not only will that bolster the views of climate change deniers, but it will also increase the wealth divide.

According to Mr Watling, further investment in science and technology is needed in order to increase renewable energy and "not just increase green taxes".

Talking on what action he is taking, he said: “I have recently met with the clever people at Rolls Royce who are working on the newest generation of nuclear power to deliver clean and cheap power.

"This comes in the form of SMRs, which are very small and manageable nuclear reactors which will help fill the gap between the use of fossil fuels and renewable power.

"I am also joining parliamentary groups investigating the increased costs of the net-zero agenda – no one sensible thinks a hairshirt approach is sustainable in the face of a hard-pressed public.

" I will be pushing harder and harder on the need to act on energy prices, and this means approaching the vital need to address climate change with investment in green power and not a “age of malaise” approach Jimmy Carter tried in America in the 1970’s”.