A SEASIDE attraction has teamed up with a renowned author to celebrate its 150 years in existence.

Norman Jacobs has started work on a book to chart the Clacton Pier’s history, which goes back to 1871.

The aim is to have it published ready for the summer and any profits made will go into the ongoing upkeep of the pier.

Mr Jacobs has already published 27 books, some of which have been about the town, and others about his family and childhood experiences, including holidays spent at the former Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Clacton.

He said: “I have a great affinity with the pier and actually approached previous owners about writing a book about it, but nothing came of it.

“This time I was contacted by the current owners, and I jumped at the chance as it is something I have always wanted to get involved with.

“The pier is such an important part of Clacton, its past and its future.”

Pier director Billy Ball said he had been toying with the idea of a history of the pier to mark the 150 years milestone.

He said: “In Norman, we have someone who is hailed as one of the country’s most prolific local history and sports writers.

"He is just the man for the job, and we are delighted to have him on board.”

“The book will round things off nicely and we have already had people ordering copies before it is even written!”

Residents are also encouraged to come forward with photos and memories about the pier, including family snaps.

Any that are included will also be rewarded with a gift voucher for an annual pass for the pier.

To contribute, email, clactonpier@150years.co.uk or call 07749 271106.