A MARKET featuring hand-crafted items by artisans took over a famous historic building.

Bourne Valley Crafters held their Christmas Fair at Flatford Granary, where skilled workers from all across East Anglia had the chance to showcase their work.

Visitors were able to choose from hand-crafted ceramics, woodwork and silver jewellery to engraved and fused glass, hand-dyed knitwear and pyrography.

Gail Bennett, co-organiser of the fair, said: “We all take share in organising things in the group but we do like to invite guest crafters so we could have a nice diverse range of hand crafted goods on offer.

“We do two or three craft fairs in a National Trust property a year so people can come and visit the property, walk around it, enjoy the day and visit the craft fair as well.”

One of the greatest prizes for artisans was the constant flow of visitors throughout the weekend.

According to Gail, the unusual items which went on offer certainly made the market stand out from any High Street shop.

Retired crafter Gill, who also owns one of the stalls, Glass by Gail Colchester, added: “One of the most unusual stalls was for tablet and mobile phone supports which are light weight and hand made from fabric.

“We also had hexagonal bird boxes, which is quite unusual, and a couple of artists who sell original works of art as well as prints.

“Every single thing is handmade by the stall holder - nothing is bought online and repackaged which is why the market stands out.”

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Pictures: Steve Brading