THE assistant director of planning for Tendring Council has made a recommendation regarding a planning proposal to expand a company depot.

Pallet Plus is located at the Crossways Centre depot in Great Bromley. The freight distribution company submitted a planning proposal to increase the Crossways Centre.

However, the report of the assistant director of planning has recommended that the council refuse this proposal at their next planning committee.

The report states: “The proposal does not meet the criteria for being an acceptable location for an expanded B8 storage and distribution use, and the proposal is considered to result in unacceptable highway safety impacts.

“Although it would not harm the landscape character, it is considered the proposal would have a harmful effect on the character and appearance of the area.

“The proposal would also harm the living conditions of the occupants of neighbouring dwellings.”

This will come as welcome news to Residents Against Commercial Expansion (RACE) who have strongly opposed the proposals.

Homeowners on Frating Road, Great Bromley joined forces to form RACE, with a view of getting Pallet Plus to relocate their depot.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Pallet plus in a collision with a parked carPallet plus in a collision with a parked car

Chairman of RACE, John Bartington said: “The increased lorry movements, night and day, have now become intolerable for villagers and the misery from floodlit fork lift truck activities at night, is unbearable.

“The location is grotesquely unsuitable, especially with far more suitable local sites available but our concerns fall on deaf ears.”

Now it appears their cries have fallen on the ears of the council. However, Pallet Plus insist they are doing nothing wrong.

In response to complaints, managing director of Pallet Plus, Gary Rowe said: “Crossways has been an established haulage yard with permitted use for in excess of 40 years.

"We operate in compliance with the terms of our operator’s licence and certificate of lawfulness as approved by Tendring Council."

The final decision on the proposal will be made during Tendring Council’s planning committee on Tuesday, December 7.